Privacy Policy (15th December 2023)


"we", "us" and "our" refer to Michael Barrows, the owner, operator and maintainer of the website.

"service", "GradeCalc" and "platform" refer to the website available at

"Save and share" and "save & share" refer to the ability to store and access calculations using a unique URL, which is publicly accessible.

What we collect

We try to limit the amount of data we collect about our users. Data that we directly collect includes:

None of the data we collect can personally identify you as an individual user of this website.

Collection methods

We collect data about calculations performed and pages accessed at the time that the action is performed, via our API.

The grade calculation values are only collected when the "Save and Share" feature is used.

Processing & usage

The data we collect is used for our legitimate interests, which include:

Of the data we collect, the majority of it is aggregated to provide metrics around the websites usage (e.g. the total number of calculations displayed on the home page).

The "Save and Share" grades are stored in a format that means they can be retrieved and displayed on the GradeCalc website.


We store all of the data we collect within the United Kingdom. Access to the data we collect is restricted and we have access control systems in place to keep data secure.

Third parties

We make use of various third party platforms in order to provide this website. These platforms include:


Cloudflare is a service that we use to deliver this website and protect the infrastructure behind it.

Cloudflare's privacy policy can be found here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that we use to gain insights into the journey you take through our website, so that we can improve our website.

Google's privacy policy can be found here.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a service that we use to display adverts on this website.

Google's privacy policy can be found here.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome provide the icons used throughout this website.

Google's privacy policy can be found here.

Updates to this policy

As our data processing activities evolve, we'll update this policy to reflect this changes.


If you have any questions about this policy, or need to get in touch with us, please email [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can.